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What I observe time and again, in practice, is that bowel & skin conditions often go hand in hand. I see many cases of chronic eczema alongside allergies in babies, children and adults. There can be an intolerance or sensitivity to food and/or environmental allergens.

Eczema is systemic, it comes from within, and applications of steroid creams will not solve the problem. They may give relief temporarily but once they are stopped, the eczema usually returns.

Steroids are not safe to use in the long term, and sadly I have seen many adults with damaged skin because of this.

I offer a gentle, natural and safe, non-addictive alternative to allopathic (conventional) medicine for all types of skin and bowel issues, in children and adults alike.

How homeopathy can help 

Modern medicine states that conditions such as eczema is a lifelong affliction, with no cure. Indeed this is true within the constraints of modern medicine.

But eczema and many other skin conditions are merely a symptom of a deeper cause.

Homeopathy recognises this and works to address the problem at its root.


TSW and Steroid Withdrawal

​​I have a special interest in Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW) and Red Skin Syndrome (RSS).


These conditions are created from prolonged use of topical steroids and sufferers endure a myriad of painful and debilitating skin symptoms.


Modern medicine does not recognise TSW / RSS but I have seen thousands of clients over the years going through this and I understand how unpredictable and reactive the skin can be.

About Me

I’m Tracy, a licensed (FSDSHom) and registered (R.Hom Int) homeopath practising in the UK. I am proud to be on the faculty of teaching staff at the  South Downs School of Homeopathy ( which offers a fully accredited 4 year training course. I’m passionate about the next generation of homeopaths and feel it’s a privilege to be part of that journey. 

I found my way into homeopathy many years ago after seeing a spectacular recovery in my son when he had pneumonia, and multiple courses of antibiotics were doing nothing except upsetting his stomach and giving him hives.


After one appointment his cough ceased to be! I was fascinated and still to this day, I am in awe of the power of homeopathy!​

To find out more about how I work, click the button below.

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