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Homeopathy has a lot to offer eczema sufferers compared to conventional medicine.


We, as homeopaths, don’t encourage suppression of skin, we address the eczema at its root. Conventional medicine might concede that eczema is the result of an overactive immune system, but it never asks - WHY IS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM IN OVERDRIVE?

80% of our immune system originates in the gut, and if the gut is compromised there will be other indications. It is common to see asthma, food and seasonal allergies presenting alongside the eczema in many cases, and this atopic cocktail is fed by the over-driven immune system and the rising histamine levels.


New studies are showing that our gut bacteria is a factor in controlling and producing histamine, an inflammation feeding chemical. Increased histamine will create a cycle of allergic reactions and inflamed itchy skin. So, what can we do about this?

Homeopathy has some powerful remedies called Bowel Nosodes.


Think of these a bit like homeopathic probiotics.


There are a dozen of these remedies, all slightly differing in their action,  and all of them have certain skin symptoms that help differentiate which one will be more beneficial.


They cover so much more than skin too; gastrointestinal problems, asthma, chest issues, allergies, joint pains, mucus & sinus conditions as well as urinary tract problems can all point to the use of one of these remedies. Even anxiety and depression are covered by these, and the reason for this is simple: our gut bacteria influences our skin, our mood, our mental health and so much more than we give it credit (or the blame) for!

I regularly use one of these bowel nosodes when someone comes to see me for skin, IBS or allergy problems, and they can often be a great start point in your journey back to health. Sometimes they are all that is needed.

Conventional medicine does not have the same solution for eczema, it never looks past the surface. There is always a story behind someone's eczema / psoriasis / dermatitis and like a book we need to read it in its entirety - for context -  your skin is just one symptom in this story.


Homeopathy always looks at the bigger picture rather than focusing on just the skin.

When you address a condition at the deepest level possible, this will have a ripple effect on every system of the body.

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