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Living my best life – a story of tsw

K (mid 20s) contacted me 4 months ago when she was 2 months into Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW) K had had eczema for a long time, only in the bends of her elbows and knees, she had stopped steroids a long time ago, but unbeknown to her she had seen a herbalist who had given her a cream that contained steroids and this cream had been used for a long time, when she found out it contained steroids she was understandably devastated. 2 months into TSW K was struggling with redness of her face and severe oozing on her neck, and hyper-pigmented and dry skin. She described her face as ‘like a reptile’ and would use the bathroom at work to apply moisturiser every 20 minutes, her skin was like a sponge and would immediately dry out and flake. She would experience severe itching and attacks of heat. Her gut was sluggish and for the last year or so she had noticed she was prone to constipation and was often bloated. Based on this information I used one of our bowel nosode remedies to try and shift her sluggish gut. The bowel is one of the main elimination channels of the body and often I see skin improving when the bowel is more regular. 6 weeks later at our first follow up appointment K was no longer constipated, the constant ooze from her neck had stopped, and behind her ears had healed. Her skin was much drier and flaky but the oozing and burning had stopped. The neck area was starting to heal and new healthy skin was appearing. Sleep was much better too.I then gave her a remedy called Graphites 30c and some Calc Phos tissue salts to help the dryness and pigmentation issues. 6 weeks later K reports her skin is way better! The big flakes of skin have been replaced by a dusty shedding, the constant itch has gone and still no return of the constipation. The discolouration on her arms is slowly fading along with the skin on her stomach too. I gave K some Silica 30c and carried on with the Calc Phos.

Today I spoke with K again and her skin is incredible! Her neck and chest is healed, the residual redness is gone and her forehead is now no longer flaking and dry. Her arms have healed and the worst area is the back of her knees. This is a good sign to me as often you can observe the skin healing from head to toe, and also the knees have been a long term problem for K so this area will tend to take the longest to improve. K declared she had managed to shave without a reaction, had worn makeup and felt she was living her best life! Today marks 6 months into her TSW journey and 4 months of using homeopathy to assist her.

K has always had an incredibly positive mindset, she’s had a few wobbles along the way, which is completely understandable as TSW is a horrible experience. I hope we can continue to work together for a while longer, it gives me so much joy to see someone healing and thriving.

Homeopathy isn’t a quick fix, it takes commitment, and K has committed, she’s kept her appointments and spoken frankly about her symptoms and how she feels, and to a homeopath this is so important.

Eczema that has been chronic for years, and when lots of suppressive steroids have been used takes time to unravel, often I work with people for 18-24 months, sometimes less, but when people commit then the results speak for themselves. Healing is, at times, a 5 steps forward and 2 back experience, and K has embraced this with determination and positivity.

Many times when people contact me who are in TSW my heart sinks, I wish that I could work with them before they go cold turkey, because stopping a steroid cream will cause the skin to flare, but often the steroids just aren’t working anymore, the skin is red and inflamed and almost worse from the steroids, I meet children in TSW and on immunosuppressive creams and drugs to manage their skin and I would far rather help someone avoid having to resort to these measures. I meet young people with Addison’s disease from overuse of steroids, I do feel we have to find another way as steroids are not a safe long term solution, they are a dangerous band aid and merely suppress the skin.


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