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15 years of itching - gone in 4 weeks!

J had an online appointment with me on 24th January, she came to seek help for a chronic and persistent rash on her shin, it had started 15 years ago, and despite multiple courses of stronger and stronger steroids, oral steroids and biopsies the rash remained.

In the early years the rash would improve during the summer months, only to flare up again during the winter, but the last few years it was always inflamed and hot to touch, incredibly itchy, worse for bathing, and at night and affecting J's sleep. the itch would feel "Like a thousand mozzie bites" In the past steroid creams would calm it down for a short period of time, but now there was no relief from steroid application so J had stopped using them since November.

Since stopping the steroids the rash had appeared on J's left ankle too, meaning that both legs were now affected and itchy. I gave J a remedy called Rhus Tox, based upon how the rash presented on the body, how it behaved, using the past modalities of better in summer, worse in winter, worse for bathing. Rhus Tox is a remedy that is indicated for 'biting' sensations on the skin, and Rhus Tox can be a great remedy for skin issues on the skin covering the shins / tibia. It is a remedy we think of for cellulitis, allergic reactions and eczema, amongst many other symptoms I saw J again on 21st March, 2 months after our first appointment. I asked her how her legs were, the rash had gone from the left ankle, and the right shin was pretty much clear! J said after 3 days of taking Rhus Tox the rash calmed, and within 2 weeks the itch went away! I do personally feel that often the skin gets stuck in an itch scratch cycle, once the skin's barrier is compromised it is more delicate and sensitive, steroids suppress the inflammation but they often create more damage to skin long term, thinning it and making it more sensitive and easily irritated.

The texture of the skin had improved and J described the transformation as "Life changing". After 15 years of inflammation and intense itch, to be so much more comfortable and sleep no longer disturbed. I am delighted with J's response to the remedy, often when working with clients with long term and steroid suppressed skin issues it takes time, but as this case demonstrates, that isn't always true!


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