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A Constitutional remedy in action

I love the ability of homeopathy to heal emotional and physical ailments. This case was a really beautiful illustration of a good constitutional remedy in action. Here I would like to demonstrate how we find a remedy and show the response it has had a few weeks later I met a lovely lady back in December who has been struggling with joint pain in her big toe, for 2 years she has suffered with ‘needle-like’ pains stabbing in her big toe joint on her left foot. Walking was uncomfortable, she even felt it when resting her foot. Her right foot was problematic too, stiffness and tightness in the arch. Her hands were weak, she couldn’t open jars, her fingers would lock up and be painful. Her hands would swell and they felt restricted in their movement. Both the hands and toe had been troubling her for over 2 years on a daily basis. Skin is reactive to sunlight, itchy heat rash appears on her when exposed to direct sun. Emotionally she was sad and emotional about the suffering of someone she was very close too. I felt there was a lot of deep seated and historic grief in this lady. She was visibly upset when telling me of her situation and I felt her pain. As a homeopath I listen to my client, I hear what is said and what goes unsaid. From an hour long appointment I try and find the ‘stand out’ information that will help me arrive at a remedy that fits the totality of someone’s situation. I use the Repertory to help me, this is a record of symptoms (physical and emotional) that pinpoint remedies and their action upon the body. Every symptom is a clue, and every clue leads to a remedy! Even a food reaction to cucumber was useful info, and sun sensitivity! I have shown the rubrics I used and the remedies that came up as a potential match.

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