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Chronic Eczema from Antibiotics

Meet Caleb, the very smiley boy. Here he is right now in his journey with homeopathy (image on the right), however this wasn’t always how his skin was.

In April 2020, when Caleb was 4 months old he developed a pimple on his cheek, as many babies do. It started to look infected and was treated as impetigo with some topical antibiotic cream, however the pimple grew and spread after the cream and so he was given oral antibiotics, and he had a huge reaction his mum reported that it spread to his other cheek overnight and then to his arms, legs and chest over the next 48 hours.

He was then given topical steroids to help calm his skin (which his Mum only used for 2 weeks)

Eventually he started to react to many, and I mean many foods. Almost everything, he had to be weaned off of breastmilk and even began to become itchy from the smell of certain foods cooking, or air fresheners in the home.

When we had our first appointment Caleb was 2.5 years old, and apart from some slight remission in 2021 he relapsed again and his skin was constantly inflamed. He’d been like this for 2 years. Changing Caleb’s clothes or diaper took 2 people to hold his arms and stop him from attacking his skin, his mum described changing times as a nightmare, the stress of restraining him, and he would fight so hard to break free, if you released your hold for 2 seconds he’d be bleeding and ripping his skin off. All that has changed now! Today his Mum sent me the following message: “Now I am able to strip him down to just his diaper and he’s able to roam free without itching his body, and it's been so pleasant to witness these incredible changes, thank you so much for giving our son his life back!! Our life hasn’t been normal for 2.5 years but that is quickly changing for all of us” All of these improvements have happened over the last 9 weeks, Caleb is able to wear short sleeves now, is less reactive to environmental triggers and slowly he is being introduced to foods. He no longer oozes from his skin

Initially I used a homeopathic Antibiotic detox, with some gut and liver support remedies, Caleb responded so well! His latest prescription has been a Steroid Detox alongside some other remedies indicated for the way his skin would react, the raised red areas, that came up suddenly, like hives. Remedies that are indicated for multiples allergies and allergic responses. We still have work to do but the photos I received today showed a very much improved child. Despite the discomfort that Caleb has experienced for most of his life, he is always a smiling boy, happy and loving!

I will continue to document his journey, I would like to thank Caleb’s mother for allowing me to share his story, I do believe medications can severely impact our health, even when we have had minimal exposure.

This little boy has only ever had 1 course of antibiotics and 2 weeks of steroids, and yet this is how he responded to that. I have never met Caleb, he lives in a different country to me! His mother and I have had 2 appointments. I work online via Zoom, Facetime or Whatsapp and location is no issue! If you are your child is struggling with a skin issue then please do contact me for a no obligation call.


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