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TSW, Eczema and Suppression

The job of a homeopath is not to diagnose, we don’t need a diagnosis, because homeopathy targets the individual, rather than treating a ‘disease’ we treat the individual and their particular symptoms.

Eczema is a skin condition that I have been working with for many years, and I do feel as a society we need to be asking “Why do so many children have eczema in these modern times? "

Modern medicine claims that eczema is a lifelong condition – and I would argue that the way modern medicine treats eczema creates a lifelong condition.

In my practice I meet parents on a daily basis, telling me similar stories of their babies and children, diagnosed with eczema and given steroids, I’ve met parents of babies given class 1 steroids (the strongest you can get) told to “apply it every time you change the nappy”.

Often these prescriptions are written out after a phone call, no one is looking at the skin of these babies! No one is offering allergy tests to see if there is a trigger, rather than address the cause they mask the symptoms. The body is smart, it gives symptoms to show where an imbalance is, and when these symptoms are masked the body simply carries on sending its message. Over time the original eczema is replaced by an iatrogenic (drug induced) disease - and this is where I feel TSW is borne

In the past when I was blissfully unaware of TSW, I used to hear people saying to me, “I don’t know what has happened, this isn’t like my typical eczema that I have managed over the years" "it’s never oozed, or been red and hot to touch, it used to calm down with the creams, and now it burns. I have to apply the cream more often and it rebounds quickly”

I’ve met teenagers with cataracts from steroid use, I’ve met people who appear on Zoom naked because their skin is so painful, I’ve met people on Zoom who don’t appear to have any skin at all on parts of their body. They may have lost all their hair – HOW IS THIS ECZEMA???

Because homeopathy looks at you, as an individual, it aims to fit remedies to your specific symptoms. We don't have a remedy for TSW, or for Eczema, as we acknowledge that these conditions present differently in people, and we look at more than just your skin. Homeopathy is a truly holistic approach, we don't separate skin from the rest of you! Your skin is a reflection of what is out of balance, we look at all aspects of your health, physically and mentally, to find ways to support you. TSW affects more than just your skin, and any therapy, if it to be beneficial, has to acknowledge and respect this.


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