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Help! My Child Will Only Eat Sugar

Another case example of behavioural  issues in a little boy, troubled at home and this unsettled theme plays out in food control and fussy eating. This case was resolved by one remedy over a 6 month period, again demonstrating the power of the constitutional approach to homeopathy.

March 16

5 year old Harry came to see me with his mum who was exasperated by the situation she found herself in. Harry would live off of biscuits, despite many attempts to feed him fruit and vegetables. He would dutifully eat a few mouthfuls and then announce he was full and push his plate away. Half an hour later he would be demanding biscuits which would result in terrible temper tantrums until his request was met. His mum had tried to be firm with him but was having some relationship problems with Harry’s dad and had run out of energy and patience to deal with him. Harry was a very confident and outgoing boy, he enjoyed school and his teacher had given him a glowing report at a recent parents evening. He was a bright, independent and quiet well behaved member of his class. His mum laughed as she recounted this report to me, explaining that at home Harry was extremely badly behaved, bossy towards his little brother and generally full of back chat towards her. His relationship with his father was somewhat different. His father was portrayed to me as a domineering, overbearing unhappy man who worked long hours and was very absent from the home most of the time.The parents relationship was fiery and under strain. Harry would become very affectionate and clingy to his father whilst he was quite emotionally detached from his mum. Harry had been a happy baby, quite headstrong but contented. He had had a very good appetite until about a year ago and then things changed. His sleep was difficult. He would have nightmares which escalated when the atmosphere in the home was tense. Harry would sometimes be heard crying in his sleep although he didn’t wake up during this. Harry’s mum felt that his food habits were a form of controlling behaviour and his temper would flare easily and seemed to fluctuate along with this blood sugar levels. He had mood swings from his diet and Harry’s father would give in to him and feed his sugar addiction. I gave Harry a remedy called Lycopodium Clavatum in 200c potency. Lycopodium is another of the major childhood remedies and is well indicated for children who can be headstrong and domineering in situations and with people they are comfortable with but in contrast, will be quiet and an angelic child in situations that they are not in control of. In Harry’s case I felt his mum was seen as loving and safe so Harry was confident that her love was not in question, he could behave however he wanted towards his Mum and sibling. But school was a different scenario and here he was compliant in his behaviour. I felt he was seeking his father’s approval and love and this reflected his behaviour here. Lycopodium is a remedy that spring to mind whenever there is a huge dependence on sugar. They crave sugar but it affects them negatively. Lycopodium is about the struggle for power and control, this was the pattern being played out at meal times. With dipping and fluctuating energy levels from the sugar Harry was either too tired at bedtime or climbing the walls from sugar! Plus the added tensions between his parents did not help the situation. People needing Lycopodium nearly always have stomach issues, weak digestion, bloating and nervous stomachs.  May 2016.

Harry came back to see me 2 months later. Again a very confident and chatty 5 year old. His mum reported that she was separating from Harry’s father and that they were in the process of moving. Harry was coping well and mum felt he understood the situation and that he would see plenty of his father without the tensions that had been commonplace over the last year. Sleep was much improved. Still a few nightmares but no reports of crying in his sleep. Harry has been trying new foods and has developed a love for roast dinners.  He still asked for sugary snacks and these were given occasionally but he was no longer surviving on sugar, and he only got these if he ate his dinner. He was more affectionate towards him mother but there was still some bossiness with his little brother. School was a happy environment and he was popular with the other children. Mum observed that the demanding behaviour reared its head a few times but she linked this with stress at home. September 2016.

Harry has moved up into a new class at school and remains happy, hardworking and popular amongst his friends. Mum and Dad now live apart and they keep the tensions away from the children. Home is happier for Harry and his brother. They share time with both parents separately. Food is still good. Not an adventurous eater, but will try new things if encouraged. Lives on a limited diet but it’s healthy and not causing the sugar spikes as before. Stomach pains are transient and these only appear when Harry is nervous about something, and they subside as quickly as they appear.

There are many reasons why children become fixated on one food group or are “picky eaters” this case, i felt, was about being in control of some aspect of their life, for other children it can be due to textures and consistency of foods, bad experiences with food and being forced to eat etc. To solve an issue the reason for the behaviour needs to be understood and addressed.

If you have a child like Harry, or if you would like a no obligation chat about any issues please do contact me


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